Support the Cause!

We have been working really hard on providing free and high-quality courses with unique features that other platforms do not provide. We believe by making the learning progress as fun and enjoyable as possible, more people will be willing to learn web development and be part of the community. If you are willing to support the cause, feel free to donate or contribute!

Legitimate Use

100% of the money received from opencollective and buymeacoffee platform will be used for course curation and hiring voice overs. We guarantee that no money will be spend in any other way (except maybe a cup of coffee occasionally :D).

Expand the Courses

It takes a huge amount of time and effort for us to sort through the learning materials for each course. We also hire our own voice actors for voice over of the courses, which mean we also need to write our own scripts and pay extra money if any changes were made. Therefore, supporting us will definitely allow us to put more resources into curating courses for all of you.